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Fowler's Toad (Anaxyrus fowleri)

Fowler’s toadNH Conservation Status: Threatened


State Rank Status:Uplands and wetlands associated with Merrimack and Connecticut Rivers


Distribution: Throughout NH


Description: A 2-3 inch toad that typically has 3 or more warts in each of the darkest large spots. Dorsal color is usually brown or gray. Has an unspotted chest and belly. Parotoid touches postorbital ridge.


Commonly Confused Species: American toad; Fowler’s toads and American toads may hybridize, producing individuals with intermediate characteristics.


Habitat: Sandy areas such as river valleys, floodplains, lakeshores, and agricultural areas. Also in pine forests, fields, and lawns.


Life History: Lays up to 8000 eggs in long strings attached to aquatic vegetation in semi-permanent water. Hibernates up to 3 feet deep in sandy soils.


Voice: A nasal, bleating w-a-a-a-a-h lasting 1-4 seconds




Conservation Threats: Habitat loss


Distribution map: View a map showing the towns where this species is reported to occur in NH PDF Document



Fowler’s toad

Fowler’s toads have 3 or more warts in each of the darkest spots, whereas American toads have 1-2 warts per dark spot. Photo by J. Jensen.

Fowler's Toad

Photo by Mike Marchand.