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Frog Survey

Nongame Seeking Frog Survey Volunteers


fowler's toad

Fowler's toad. Photo credit: Josh Megyesy, NHFG Biologist

The Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program is seeking volunteers to help fill gaps in our species distribution maps, with a special focus on three species of rare frogs: northern leopard frogs, mink frogs, and Fowler’s toads.


From May to June, these frogs can be most easily detected at night during their breeding season and have identifiable calls that make it easy to determine if the frogs are present or absent when conducting a simple call survey. Nongame biologists will provide focus area maps for each species, as well as protocols and data sheets for conducting call surveys.


mink frog

Mink frog. Photo credit: Josh Megyesy, NHFG Biologist

Mink frogs are found mostly in vegetated ponds and wetlands in Coos county and northern Grafton county. Northern leopard frogs can be found statewide, but are most commonly associated with river floodplains and oxbows. Fowler’s toads are found only in the southern part of the state and prefer wetlands near sandy soils. We hope that if you live near any of these areas you will consider helping get these frogs on the map!


Aside from these three rare species, volunteers are also encouraged to conduct call surveys for our more common species, such as wood frogs, spring peepers, gray tree frogs, and others.


calling calendar




For more information on conducting species focus call surveys, contact: Melissa Doperalski at or at (603) 271-1738.