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Owl Brook Hunter Education Center Lands

Town: Holderness

County: Grafton

Acres: 508

Acquisition History:  The property was purchased in 1995 with the intent of creating a center dedicated to the education of individuals in the safe and responsible practices of hunting, shooting and trapping.  Funding was provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Program and a substantial and generous donation from Robert Ambrose. 

Description: The property is divided into two parcels, connected by a right of way across the Pemigewasset Valley Fish & Game Club lands.  The property is almost wholly upland and is forested with mixed hardwood and pine.  The access to the westernmost parcel can be steep in some areas as it climbs “The Button” on its eastern boundary and Prospect Mountain on its western boundary.  A talus slope on Prospect Mountain was briefly reviewed in 2014 and found to contain a number of uncommon natural communities and their associated plant species including a  Cold-Air Talus Shrubland containing Braun’s Holly Fern, a species usually associated with the White Mountains north.  Owl Brook’s main office and other facilities are located on the southern half of the easternmost parcel where hunting activities are restricted.  The northern half is open to hunting.

Common Wildlife:   Common wildlife include moose, deer, raccoon, eastern coyote, gray squirrel, red squirrel, chipmunk, black bear, porcupine, bobcat, fisher, weasel, garter snake, and snowshoe hare.  Birds may include common raven, ruby-throated hummingbird, veery, winter wren, chestnut-sided warbler, Nashville warbler, and white-throated sparrow.  Sizable trees and boulder cavities on parts of the property could also offer summer roost sites for various tree bats.

Special Notes:  For more information on the Owl Brook facilities, events, and programs, visit the Owl Brook webpage.

Directions: Get directions to the Owl Brook Hunter Education Center


DeLorme N.H. Atlas and Gazetteer coordinates: Page 39, G-H13




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