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Powdermill Hatchery Lands (Formerly Marks WMA)

Town: Alton and New Durham


County: Belknap/Strafford


Acres: 338


Acquisition History: The Marks WMA was purchased from George Marks in 1977 using Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration funding from the US Fish & Wildlife Service.  The adjacent Powdermill Fish Hatchery is 102 acres, most of which was purchased from George and Celine Taylor in 1971. Approximately 25 acres of the Powdermill Hatchery property supports hatchery operations, the remainder is managed as part of the Marks WMA.


Description:  Marks WMA and the upland habitat portion of the hatchery land consists primarily of oak-pine forest.  A large section of Marsh Pond bisects the southern half of the property and consists of both emergent marsh and open water.  The July 2008 tornado that impacted a 50 mile path from Deerfield to Freedom blew down trees in a 20 acre area at the southern tip of Marks WMA.  A salvage harvest was performed in 2009.  Visitors are welcome to tour the hatchery during visiting hours.


Common Wildlife: White-tailed deer, moose, black bear, snowshoe hare, ruffed grouse, several species of migratory songbirds, beaver and muskrat can be found here. In Marsh Pond you may find migratory waterfowl including black ducks, mallards, wood ducks, blue-winged and green-winged teal. Other bird species include great blue herons, eastern kingbirds, tree and rough-winged swallow, and marsh wrens. Trout that have escaped from the Powder Mill Fish Hatchery are occasionally caught but, per Fis 402.05, “all waters above and below all state fish hatcheries, from a posted point 200 feet upstream, to a posted point 200 feet downstream, shall be closed to all fishing”.


Directions: Powdermill Fish Hatchery is located at 288 Merrymeeting Road, approximately 3 miles north from Main Street in New Durham.  Parking for Marks WMA is located 0.3 mile west of the hatchery on Powder Mill Rd.  Parking is at the entrance to a forest road.


DeLorme N.H. Atlas and Gazetteer Coordinates: Page 37, H 9




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