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Connecticut River Drivers Wildlife Management Area

Town: Colebrook


County: Coos


Acres: 64


Acquisition History:  In 1998 the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests transferred 20 acres to Fish and Game along the Connecticut River in Colebrook. In September of 2013 Clyde Pond Holdings of Derby, Vermont donated 2 acres of abutting land to the south with over 1,000 feet of frontage on the River.  As part of the Department’s effort to expand the property northward, the Trails Bureau of the NH Department of Natural and Cultural Resources administratively transferred 11 acres that had been acquired as part of an old railroad line.  Finally in March of 2019 Fish and Game purchased 31 acres of abutting land to the north from The Nature Conservancy creating this 64- acre WMA with 2.25 miles of frontage on the Connecticut River.


Description: This WMA consists of actively managed agricultural land, abandoned fields, flood plain forests and riverine wetlands. There is about 15 acres of agricultural lands usually planted to corn or other grain crop. There are two areas of silver maple floodplain forest totaling about 10 acres and 17 acres of abandoned field reverting to forest. The shoreline on the Connecticut River varies from high bank where it is difficult to reach water level to areas of easy access. There is an undeveloped carry down boat access site located in the southern entrance to the property adjacent to Arlin Brook.


Common Wildlife: This WMA is within a focus area of the Atlantic Northern Bird Conservation Region (BCR 14) for landbird, waterbird and waterfowl population movement along the river and flyway. It is an especially important area for migrating waterfowl.


Directions:  This property is located between the Connecticut River and the railroad corridor that runs along the western side of Route 3 north of Colebrook village. There are two access points to this WMA. The southern access is located on the western side of Route 3, 300 feet south of the entrance to the state visitor’s center. The northern entrance is also located on the western side of Route 3 across from Ramsey Road and just south of the Stewartstown line.


DeLorme NH Atlas and Gazetteer Coordinates: Page 50, A 1




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