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Cornish Wildlife Management Area

Town: Cornish

County: Sullivan

Acreage: 29


Acquisition History:  The Cornish WMA was purchased in 1972 with Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration program funds to provide anglers access to the Connecticut River.   A boat ramp was subsequently built on the property in 1974.


Description:  Most of the Cornish WMA is under agricultural agreement.  Corn is planted annually to benefit waterfowl that migrate along the Connecticut River every spring and fall.  The property protects frontage along the Connecticut River and a wider shrub buffer was planted along the shoreline in 2009.  A boat access facility allows boater and fisherman access.
Common Wildlife: The Connecticut River is an important flyway for migrating waterfowl and songbirds.  Deer commonly travel the riparian edge.


Special Notes:  The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department recently planted 400 arrowwood, dogwood, and elderberry shrubs along a 600 foot section of the river to restore the riparian buffer and provide a food source for migratory songbirds.  This property is also a site of an experimental planting of Jessup’s milkvetch, a federally endangered plant that grows on riverside rock outcrops.


Directions:  The Cornish WMA can be accessed by the boat access facility approximately one half mile north of the Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge on Route 12A.


DeLorme N.H. Atlas and Gazetteer coordinates:  Page 33, 10 F




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Wildlife RestorationThis Wildlife Management Area was funded in part by the Federal Aid in Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program. Your purchases of hunting equipment and ammunition make a difference to New Hampshire's wildlife resources and our way of life. Learn more.


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