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Church Hill Wildlife Management Area

Town: Ashland


County: Grafton


Acres: 167


Acquisition History:  In April of 1963 the State of NH purchased land in Ashland stretching from North Ashland Road to the summit of Hicks Hill (aka Church Hill) and beyond for the construction of Interstate 93. After the NH Highway Department took the land that was needed for the new roadway, the remaining area was transferred to the Fish and Game Department in September of 1972. The 167-acre area has been managed as the Church Hill WMA since that date.


Description: This very steep, rocky, and rugged WMA lies on the western slope of Church Hill down to a powerline and the eastern boundary of the I93 right-of-way. It is nearly all forested and dominated by white oak and other dry sited species. It has experienced some major forest fire damage over the last 100 years as demonstrated by the remains of burnt stumps and fire scars on some of the larger trees. To the south lies a large area of conservation land owned by the New England Forestry Foundation known as Whitton Woods.


Common Wildlife: The woodland at Church Hill WMA is mostly comprised of red oak, white pine, and red maple with a mixture of other hardwood species.  A great many wildlife species use such forests, including black bear, bobcat, Canada warbler, Cooper's hawk, Northern goshawk, a variety of bats and many more.  The oak here produces large amounts of hard mast in certain years providing excellent forage for bear, deer and turkey.


Directions:  The Church Hill WMA is located east of Interstate 93 in Ashland. The only public access to the property is by a right-of-way located at the end of Peppercorn Drive, a dead-end road off of Hicks Hill Road. Please park at the end of the cul-de-sac, head down the driveway to the east, and take the first road on your right down the hill onto the WMA.


DeLorme NH Atlas and Gazetteer Coordinates: Church Hill WMA: Page 39, I12


IMPORTANT NOTE: WMA Property boundaries displayed on these maps are based on a survey and indicate the legal, accurate extent of NH Fish and Game ownership. WMA boundaries on USGS topographic maps and in the DeLorme Gazetteer may not be accurate.




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