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Cemetery Hill Wildlife Management Area

Town: Sunapee

County: Sullivan

Acreage: 99


Acquisition History:  The Cemetery Hill WMA was donated to New Hampshire Fish and Game by Olive Dobles in 2001.


Description:  The Cemetery Hill WMA is entirely wooded and encompasses the top of Cemetery Hill in Sunapee.  A hill top stand of oak, pine, and hemlock falls off steeply to the south and southwest; stands of spruce and fir, white pine, birch and maple dominate the north facing slope; and a west facing stand of hemlock grades into a lowland area at the northwest corner of the property.  A small portion of a large wetland complex crosses the northwest boundary.  A 63 acre deer yard mapped by Fish and Game is almost completely encompassed within the property.


Common Wildlife:  Common wildlife includes deer, moose, bear, turkey, and neotropical migrants such as thrushes and tanagers.


Directions:  Cemetery Hill WMA can be accessed by heading west on Trow Hill Rd off of Route 11.  Then head south on North Road for 0.2 miles to Dobles Road.  A parking area has not yet been constructed; please do not block the road, it is a right-of-way for a private residence.  


DeLorme N.H. Atlas and Gazetteer coordinates:  Page 34, 2 H & I




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Wildlife RestorationThis Wildlife Management Area was funded in part by the Federal Aid in Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program. Your purchases of hunting equipment and ammunition make a difference to New Hampshire's wildlife resources and our way of life. Learn more.


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