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New Hampshire Wildlife Management Areas

The NH Fish and Game Department owns 124 Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) across the state, encompassing nearly 60,000 acres. The primary purpose of these lands is to protect and improve habitat for wildlife, but these lands are also open for public recreation including hunting, fishing, trapping (by permit only – view NH trapping information), and wildlife watching. Read the WMA rules for a full list of activities that are allowed.


Many of our WMAs in the Great Bay region were conserved through the efforts of the Great Bay Resource Protection Partnership - a collaboration of conservation agencies and organizations that has conserved over 6,000 acres in that region since the mid 1990s. Visit to see maps of lands conserved through their efforts. Learn more about how NH Fish and Game manages its WMAs for both wildlife and people.


Peruse the WMA listing by town. We will be adding more WMAs to this list over time. Select the name of a property to go to a description of the area, including downloadable maps. An interactive statewide map of all of WMAs is also available.


Wildlife Management Area Listing

Town WMA Name Acres
Alton Beaver Brook WMA 220
Alton Merrymeeting Marsh Wildlife WMA 552
Alton Powdermill Hatchery Lands (includes property formerly known as Marks WMA) 338
Andover Kearsarge WMA 1,080
Antrim Hosmer Wildlife Management Area 74
Ashland Church Hill WMA 167
Barrington Stonehouse Pond WMA 11.5
Boscawen Hirst Marsh WMA 156
Brentwood Deer Hill WMA 335
Brookfield, Middleton, New Durham Ellis R. Hatch Jr. WMA (formerly known as Jones Brook WMA) 1,920
Campton Pemigewasset River WMA  82
Canaan Herbert L. Webster WMA 91
Canaan Mascoma River WMA 125
Canterbury Muchyedo Banks WMA 290
Canterbury Morrill Pond WMA  106
Charlestown Spaulding Wildlife Management Area 54
Colebrook Connecticut River Drivers WMA 64
Columbia Hedgehog Brook WMA 840
Concord Hoit Road Marsh WMA 216
Concord Sewall's Falls Multi-Use Recreation Area 214
Concord Soucook Wildlife Management Area 20
Cornish Chase Island WMA 10
Cornish Cornish WMA 29
Croydon, Grantham & Newport William B. Ruger, Jr. WMA 3,181
Danbury Danbury Bog WMA 246
Deerfield Corey WMA 178
Dover Bellamy River WMA 400
Dover Cocheco River WMA 149
Dublin Peterson Waterfowl Management Area 11
Dublin Ryan Wildlife Management Area 50
Dummer Bofinger WMA 47
Durham Adams Point WMA 70
Durham Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Wildlife Management Area - Oyster River 20
Durham and Newmarket Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Wildlife Management Area - Crommet and Lubberland Creeks (30 parcels) 762
Durham and Newmarket Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Wildlife Management Area - Lamprey River (5 parcels) 304
Ellsworth Clarada WMA 35
Enfield, Grantham Henry Laramie WMA 3,062
Enfield Lower Shaker WMA 1,096
Epping Goodrich Marsh Waterfowl Management Area 40.5
Exeter Conner Farm WMA 235
Exeter, Newfields, and Epping Piscassic River WMA 868
Fitzwilliam and Rindge Pearly Lake WMA 672
Franklin Webster Lake WMA 151
Grafton, Springfield McDaniels Marsh WMA 609
Greenfield Powdermill Pond WMA 126
Greenland Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Wildlife Management Area - Great Bay Wildlife Management Area and Great Bay Shoreline South 116
Greenland / Stratham Great Bay Discovery Center 49
Greenville Souhegan River WMA 199
Groton Kimball Hill WMA 2,831
Hancock Carpenter's Marsh and Eva's Marsh WMAs 397
Hillsborough Farrar Marsh WMA 469
Holderness Owl Brook Hunter Education Center Lands 508
Kingston Powwow River WMA 101
Kingston and East Kingston Currier Management Area 151
Lebanon Lebanon WMA 24.5
Londonderry Musquash Swamp WMA 150
Londonderry Little Cohas Marsh Waterfowl Management Area 31
Lyme Wilder WMA 60
Merrimack and Bedford Dumpling Brook WMA 188
Milford Milford Fish Hatchery 162
Millsfield and Erving's Location Mount Kelsey WMA 1,281
Moultonboro Kona WMA 315
New Durham Coldrain Pond WMA 62
Newington and Greenland Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Wildlife Management Area - Glen Cove 130
Newington Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Wildlife Management Area - Great Bay Shoreline North (2 parcels) 18
Newmarket Tuttle Swamp Wildlife Management Area (4 parcels) 179
Newton Sargent WMAs 356
Northwood Forest Peters WMA 456
Northwood, Deerfield Lamontagne, Woodman Marsh, Straughan, and Dole's Marsh WMAs 478
Orford Reeds Waterfowl Management Area 64
Ossipee Garland Pond WMA 107
Pittsburg Brown Lots I and II WMAs 808
Pittsburg and Clarksville Connecticut Lakes Natural Area (WMA and Nature Preserve) 25,000
Portsmouth Great Bog Wildlife Management Area (2 parcels) 263
Rindge and Fitzwilliam Pearly Lake WMA 672
Shelburne Androscoggin River Wildlife Management Area 6
Stark Upper Ammonoosuc Wildlife Management Area 96.5
Stratford Fort Hill WMA 610
Stratham Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Wildlife Management Area - Squamscott River 128
Stoddard Robb Reservoir Waterfowl Management Area 2
Sunapee Cemetery Hill WMA 99
Sunapee Gordon WMA 35.5
Sunapee Wendall Marsh Waterfowl Management Area 10
Sutton Cascade Marsh and Chadwick Meadows WMAs 555
Tamworth Hackett Hill WMA 223
Thornton Thornton Wildlife Management Area 24
Unity and Lempster Gallop Marsh Waterfowl Management Area 19
Wakefield Union Meadows WMA 122
Walpole Great Island WMA 8.5
Walpole Hubbard Farms WMA 31
Weare Perkins Pond WMA 307
Webster Leonard and Knights Meadow Marsh WMA 855
Wentworths Location and Errol Greenough Ponds Wildlife Management Area 934