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Point-of-service License Sales

License Transaction

All Fish and Game license agents issue regular New Hampshire hunting and fishing licenses using an automated system. Licenses are computer-generated and printed by the agent on regular paper.


A $2 transaction fee is charged per license form.


Frequently Asked Qestions


How safe is my data in this system?
We are committed to safeguarding your personal information. In order to ensure data security, license agents cannot view a customer’s license history or edit customer name or date of birth.
Can I buy through the automated system if this is my first hunting license, or if I hold a license from another state?
Yes. Unlike buying a hunting/archery license online or at Wal-Mart, customers don't need to have held a previous New Hampshire license since 2000 to purchase a hunting/archery license at agents (other than Wal-Mart). Customers are still required to show the appropriate proof from any year, any state.  The agent can enter this data to issue the license. All license requirements still apply regarding residency and hunter certification.
What if I need a duplicate license?
Because the license is printed on regular paper, customers can get a reprint of their current-year's license at no charge -- once only -- at the original issuing license agent or at Fish and Game Headquarters in Concord.  Please note that only one free reprint is allowed.
Can I Buy a Senior License at an Agent?