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Becoming a NH Hunting or Fishing Guide

A guide's license authorizes the licensed person to "direct, aid, assist or instruct another person in taking wildlife in this state" and to charge a fee (RSA 207:1 XIII).


A person may become licensed to guide for fishing, hunting or both.


  • The minimum age to become a guide is 18
  • Applicants must have a clean Fish and Game record and a clean criminal record


Licensed Guide Prerequisites:

  • Certification in both CPR and First Aid
  • Proof of Hunter Education if applying for the hunting guide license


Application Process

You must complete an application form and pass a 50-question written exam for the specific license (must take both tests in order to get both licenses).


Please note: For additional information, write to Fish and Game's Law Enforcement Division at or call (603) 271-3127.





Current licensed NH guide lists