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North Woods Law: NH

Watch Season 3! North Woods Law: New Hampshire features the Conservation Officers of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department who work tirelessly to preserve and protect the natural resources of the Granite State.


New Hampshire's wild and rugged landscape makes the state a premiere destination for outdoorsmen and women and makes the work of Conservation Officers diverse and demanding. They are tasked with enforcing all laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the state's fish, wildlife, recreational vehicles, and marine resources and they prosecute all of their own cases involving offenders of wildlife law.


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Whether they're assisting biologists in managing the state's wildlife, patrolling backcountry roads during hunting season or conducting search and rescue operations on windswept mountains and roaring rivers, every day presents a new challenge in the Live Free or Die state.


Airs on Animal Planet. Check local listings for specific show times.




Frequently Asked Questions

How do I watch the show if I do not subscribe to cable?

If you do not have access to Animal Planet, visit their website to at:

You may be able to view past episodes (note: programming availability may vary).

How do I find the show on Facebook?

Find the New Hampshire show on Facebook at:

How does one apply to become a Conservation Officer?

Read about the job and its requirements at:

Does NH Fish and Game receive any compensation from the North Woods Law television show?
No financial incentive is paid to the State of New Hampshire, the NH Fish and Game Department, or any individual appearing in the show. However, Engel Entertainment donates $2,000 for each originally aired episode to NH Fish and Game's non-profit partner, Wildlife Heritage Foundation of NH.


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Exciting Opportunity for the Department


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"This program is an exciting opportunity to increase awareness and recognition of the complex duties of Department staff and the positive impact they have on natural resources, tourism and the state’s economy," says Col. Kevin Jordan, Chief of New Hampshire Fish and Game Law Enforcement. "The show has a lot of promise for improving community outreach, keeping youth and others involved in outdoor recreational traditions, and boosting interest in careers with Fish and Game."


The series is being produced by Engel Entertainment, Inc., a film and television production company based in New York City. Engel Entertainment produced the hit series “North Woods Law,” featuring the Maine Warden Service, and “Lone Star Law,” about Texas game wardens. Both air on Animal Planet.