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Joint Enforcement Agreement

Conservation Officers check lobster catchConserving and Protecting Marine Resources


A Joint Enforcement Agreement (JEA) between the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department's Law Enforcement Division and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s Office of Law Enforcement provides federal funding and resources for enforcement patrols, equipment, training and public outreach that help New Hampshire Conservation Officers enforce federal marine fisheries regulations.


The key is preventing and detecting marine violations. Through a combination of at-sea patrols, dockside inspections and public outreach, the JEA focuses on increasing voluntary compliance. It also encourages enforcement of state marine fisheries regulations in nearshore waters, including groundfish, lobster, striped bass and tuna patrols. This joint agreement improves Fish and Game's level of service to commercial harvesters and recreational anglers, as well as other coastal organizations and constituents. It significantly enhances Fish and Game's ability to conserve manage and protect our marine fisheries resources for future generations.