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Volunteer at Owl Brook Hunter Education Center

Volunteers of all kinds help to make the Owl Brook Hunter Education Center a success. Instructors are needed to teach the programs in three mandatory courses: hunter, bowhunter and trapper education. Other volunteers can help Owl Brook by assisting as: range supervisors, trails and grounds maintenance crew, interpreters, activity leaders/assistants, receptionists and much more. No matter what amount of time you can give or in which role you choose to participate, you will be a valued asset to the center.


The mission of Owl Brook is to promote hunting and trapping, as well as to educate individuals in the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to become safe and responsible hunters, trappers, and stewards of the state's natural resources. Owl Brook volunteers the play a vital role in presenting this message to visitors and ensuring that the heritages of hunting and trapping are passed onto the next generation.


How to become a volunteer:


  • Stop by the center, located along Perch Pond Road in Holderness, to find out more about volunteer opportunities or call (603) 536-1290 to have a Volunteer Enrollment Form mailed out to you.
  • Complete the Volunteer Enrollment Form PDF Document and arrange to have an interview with the facility manager. A criminal background check will be completed as part of the enrollment process before a volunteer may be accepted.
  • After the personal interview and the successful completion of the background check, attend a Volunteer Orientation session, an opportunity to receive training, meet other volunteers and get a copy of the center's Volunteer Handbook.


So, if hunting and trapping are important to you and you would like to see their heritages passed on to future generations, please get involved with the Owl Brook Hunter Education Center today!


Your volunteer time helps in many ways!


Volunteers literally make Hunter Education and other activities at the center possible. The Hunter Education Program manages the Owl Brook Hunter Education Center, and both are part of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. These programs operate on a grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency, using monies generated from the Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration Program. The Hunter Education Program gets its funding primarily through volunteer instructor time donated while conducting the state's three mandatory programs. Owl Brook also relies on volunteer time and, as with Hunter Ed, that time is money. Here's how it works:


For each hour a volunteer works a dollar amount is assigned, in turn that amount is used to release "matching" funds from the Federal Program on a 3 to 1 basis. In other words, if a volunteer gives us a $1 value in donated time, the Federal program will give the center $3. It is through these funds that we are able to operate. So, the volunteer and his/her donated time allow us to carry out our mission related to hunting, trapping and wildlife management. You can help by getting involved as a volunteer.



A User-Pay, User-Benefit Program

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