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Moose Harvested in NH Facts

  • Average dressed weight of all yearling (1.5 years old) bulls and cows taken in recent years was 427 and 409 pounds, respectively. The average dressed weight of bulls age 5.5 and older was 727 pounds, while cows averaged 560 pounds. Average antler spread of bulls age 5.5 and older was 47 inches.


  • The largest bull moose ever taken in NH weighed 1,040 pounds, dressed weight.  Live weight of this moose was approximately 1,518 pounds.  The largest cow ever taken in NH dressed at 815 pounds, live weight would be approximately 1190 pounds. These two animals came from Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) A2 in 1993.


  • Moose have been taken with the use of conventional firearms and archery, handguns, muzzleloaders (including flintlocks) and longbows. The 30-06, 308 and 300 remain the most popular calibers.


  • Most moose are taken within the first three days of the season. Approximately 25% of successful hunters take their moose from ½ hour before sunrise to 10 AM.


The majority (80+%) of successful hunters scout; spending on average of 40 hours scouting and 26 hours hunting.