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Hunting with Physical Disabilities

ADA Logo"I know if I ever became physically impaired, I'd still want the ability to do what I want to do, and high on that list is hunting," says Josh Mackay, Hunter Education coordinator for the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. "There's no reason it can't be a safe and enjoyable activity."

A great resource for disabled hunters and anglers is Don Christensen's "A Far Cry." Visit

Roughly 700 people with physically disabilities hunt each year in New Hampshire. That's a growing number, reflecting a trend that more and more people are realizing their physical disabilities shouldn't keep them from enjoying the great outdoors. Indeed, they can and should take full advantage of New Hampshire's tremendous natural resources.


The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department offers several permits for people with physical disabilities:


  • Permits are available for a permanent hunting and fishing license for paraplegics. There's a one-time $10 administrative fee for the license, and the applicant must present a letter from his or her doctor stating that the applicant is permanently and totally paraplegic.
  • Disabled veterans may also be eligible for a hunting and fishing license. Like the license for paraplegics, disabled veterans must meet certain criteria and present documentation of a permanent disability from the Veterans Services Office.
    • People who hold either of the above two licenses are allowed to hunt deer with the aid and use of bait statewide for the entire deer season.
  • Fish and Game offers permits for people with disabilities who want to hunt using a crossbow. To qualify, you must have a permanent physical disability that prevents you from using a conventional bow or a compound bow.
  • Fish and Game also offers permits for paraplegics who want to hunt from a motor vehicle.


Disability hunting permit applicants must have taken a Hunter Education course. New Hampshire Fish and Game's Hunter Education Program customizes its courses for people with special needs so they can enjoy the outdoors safely. Contact the NH Hunter Education program at (603) 271-3411 or email


For more information on hunting and fishing permits for those with disabilities, contact the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department's Business/Licensing Division at (603) 271-3422 or email:


To reach the National Rifle Association's Disabled Shooting Services, go to