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NH Apprentice Hunting License FAQs

"Take a friend – Make a hunter"

What is the NH Apprentice Hunting License?
The New Hampshire Apprentice Hunting License is a special license that lets you try hunting, under the guidance of an experienced hunter, without first having to take a Hunter Education course. It’s a great way for hunters to introduce friends and family to the hunting experience. The Apprentice License expires at the end of the year and cannot be purchased a second time.
How old do I have to be to get an Apprentice License?
You can buy an Apprentice License if you are age 16 or older. If you’re under 16, you don’t need a license – see youth hunting for guidelines for hunters under age 16.
Where can I buy a NH Apprentice Hunting License?
Apprentice Licenses can be purchased only at NH Fish and Game headquarters at 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH (get directions) or by mail (print-and-mail application). Apprentice Licenses and permits are not available at license agents or online.

How much does the license cost?
The NH Apprentice Hunting License costs the same as a regular hunting license. The additional cost of species-specific licenses, such as pheasant, bear or turkey, is also the same. License fees are listed in the current NH Hunting and Trapping Digest or at
Can nonresidents buy a NH Apprentice Hunting License?
Yes. The license is available to both NH residents and nonresidents.
Who can accompany an apprentice hunter?
You must be properly licensed for hunting and 18 years or older to accompany an apprentice hunter.
What are the responsibilities of the hunter accompanying the apprentice?
The accompanying hunter must have the apprentice within sight and hearing at all times, without the use of electronic devices, and be able to maintain actual physical direction and control during the hunt. The accompanying hunter is fully accountable for any damage incurred or violations that the apprentice may commit while hunting. Apprentice hunter rules are similar to those governing youth hunters in New Hampshire.
Can the hunter accompanying the apprentice carry a firearm and hunt?
As an Apprentice License holder, do I have to be accompanied by the same hunter all year, or can I hunt with different people?
You can hunt with different people, as long as they are all properly licensed for that activity and are 18 years of age or older.
Can Apprentice License holders buy species-specific tags?
Yes. Apprentice Hunting License holders can purchase turkey, pheasant, bear and waterfowl licenses to use during their apprentice year; these may only be purchased at NH Fish and Game Department headquarters. The Apprentice Hunting License is not valid to take moose. It also does not apply to the 3-day small game license for nonresidents.
I'm planning to go hunting with a registered guide. Can I buy an apprentice license?
Yes. The guide may serve as your accompanying hunter, as long as the specific guidelines governing apprentice hunting are followed.
What if I buy an Apprentice Hunting License early in the year and then take and pass a Hunter Education course – would I then be able to hunt alone?

In this situation, in order to hunt alone, you would have to come to NH Fish and Game headquarters in Concord, surrender your Apprentice Hunting License, and pay a fee to be issued a regular hunting license. Please call the Department for further information: (603) 271-3422.

If I don't have time for Hunter Education, can I just get another Apprentice Hunting License and go again next year?
No. You may purchase an Apprentice Hunting License only once in your lifetime. After that, you must pass a Hunter Education class and purchase a regular NH hunting license to hunt.
Does an Apprentice Hunting License serve as proof of a previous hunting license when purchasing a regular license in a later year?
No. If Apprentice Hunters want to hunt in a future year, they must first complete a Hunter Education course, then buy a regular New Hampshire hunting license.
I enjoyed the apprentice hunt and want to get a regular license. How do I find a Hunter Education class?
Visit Traditional and online courses are available. The best time to take a class is during the spring and summer – don’t wait until fall, or you may miss out on the season.
I want to go hunting. How can I find a hunter to take me out?
Talk to people you know who hunt; they often will be glad to introduce you to a sport they love. Your local Fish and Game club can be a good place to meet other hunters and find someone to accompany you. Contact information for many clubs in New Hampshire can be found at


Have another question? Call the licensing office at (603) 271-3422 for more information.