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Remote Trout Fisheries in NH

The NH Fish and Game Department manages selected waters to provide remote trout fishing experiences, meaning anglers have an opportunity to catch fish in a wilderness setting. In most cases remote trout fisheries are sustained through annually stocking trout fingerlings by helicopter. Because fishing pressure is light in these remote waters, the trout have the chance to grow to a catchable size in their natural environment.



Town Waterbody
Bean's Purchase Carter Pond
Canaan Derby Pond
Chatham Province Pond
Clarksville Carr Pond
Clarksville Judd Pond
Clarksville Shehan Flowage
Columbia Cranberry Bog Pond
Dix's Grant Four Mile Pond
Dixville Nathan Pond
Dummer Sessions Pond
Easton Mud Pond
Ellsworth Three Ponds, Lower
Ellsworth Three Ponds, Middle
Ellsworth Three Ponds, Upper
Enfield Cole Pond*
Enfield Halfmile Pond
Errol Corser Pond
Errol Munn Pond
Errol Round Pond
Errol Signal Pond
Errol Sweat Pond
Lincoln Black Pond
Lincoln Lonesome Lake
Livermore Greeley Pond, Upper
Livermore Sawyer Pond, Little
Lyme Trout Pond
Madison Blue Pond
Millsfield Bragg Pond
Millsfield Long Pond
Millsfield Moose Pond*
Newbury Solitude Lake
Newport Chapin Pond*
Odell Trio Pond, Lower
Odell Trio Pond, Upper*
Odell Whitcomb Pond
Pittsburg Boundary Pond*
Pittsburg Harris Pond
Pittsburg Perry Pond*
Pittsburg Stub Hill Pond
Pittsburg Unknown Pond*
Pittsburg Wright Pond*
Sandwich Black Mountain Pond
Sandwich Guinea Pond
Sandwich Hall Pond, Lower
Sandwich Hall Pond, Middle
Second College Grant Hellgate Pond
Thornton Peaked Hill Pond
Warren Wachipauka Pond
Waterville Flat Mountain Pond
Wentworth Loc. Bear Brook Pond, Little*
Wentworth's Loc. Dustin Pond
Wilmot Butterfield Pond


*Fly-fishing only