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Curriculum Resources for the Watershed Education Program

Judy Tumosa, Watershed Education Specialist, August 2020


All of these curriculum resources are part of the NHFG Watershed Education Program Teacher Manual that can also be provided in a 3-ring binder format. I prefer when possible to have teachers attend the necessary training to do the various phases of WEP. These resources are meant to be curriculum support, not a replacement, for that training.


PHASE I: Water Quality Monitoring


Water Quality Monitoring Resources


Macroinvertebrate Monitoring Resources


Collecting, Posting, Sharing, Analyzing Stream Data using ArcGIS online


PHASE II: Watershed Mapping and Land Use Assessment


What is a Watershed?

Watershed Pre-field Assessment


PHASE III: Aquatic Resource Management


Trout in the Classroom (Cold water fish tank)


Simulating a NH River Ecosystem (Warm water fish tank)


Understanding New Hampshire Fish


Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Alignment

High School

Middle School