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Curriculum Resources for the Watershed Education Program

Kayla Croteau, Watershed Education Specialist, July/August 2022


All of these curriculum resources are part of the NHFG Watershed Education Program Teacher Manual that can also be provided in a 3-ring binder format. I prefer when possible to have teachers attend the necessary training to do the various phases of WEP. These resources are meant to be curriculum support, not a replacement, for that training.


PHASE I: Water Quality Monitoring


Water Quality Monitoring Resources


Macroinvertebrate Monitoring Resources


Collecting, Posting, Sharing, Analyzing Stream Data using ArcGIS online


PHASE II: Watershed Mapping and Land Use Assessment


What is a Watershed?

Watershed Pre-field Assessment


PHASE III: Aquatic Resource Management


Trout in the Classroom (Cold water fish tank)


Simulating a NH River Ecosystem (Warm water fish tank)


Understanding New Hampshire Fish


Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Alignment

High School

Middle School