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Usage Policy

Frequently asked questions about using the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department's press releases and online resources.


Is it okay to use news releases or other online information from the Fish and Game website for editorial purposes?


Yes, media outlets, including newspapers, magazines, newsletters, radio and television stations, are welcome to use New Hampshire Fish and Game news releases and other information found on this website. Please attribute the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department as your source.


Can I copy and use a photo I see on the site?


Here's the deal: You may use images on this site that are tagged as "NH Fish and Game photo" or "USFWS photo." You may NOT use images that are by individual photographers; we do not own those photos and cannot give you permission to use them. Please note that images on this website are not high resolution (unless otherwise noted); they may be fine for website use, but are not print quality. To obtain high-resolution images owned by Fish and Game for editorial use, contact the Fish and Game Web Team. A good resource for wildlife photos you can use is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's National Digital Wildlife Library.


I'm writing a paper for school - can I just cut and paste from your website?


First -- thanks for visiting our website as you do research for your school project. We're glad you're interested in wildlife, conservation and the environment. This website has lots of good information on these topics. Because our agency is responsible for conserving and managing fish, wildlife and marine resources in New Hampshire, we are considered by many to be a trusted authority. Here's what you need to know about using this information:


  • Important! Students may NOT just cut and paste text and photos from this website and turn it in as their own work.
  • What you CAN do is find information on this site that supports your paper or project, put it into your own words, and cite the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department website as your source.
  • For the rules on using copying and using photographs on this site, see the answer to the question above this one.