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Celebrate 150 Years

Celebrate 150 Years | New Hampshire Fish and Game Department2015 was a big year for the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department – our 150th anniversary!


150thThanks to the work of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department over the past century and a half, today we enjoy healthy wildlife populations, fish to catch, open land and access to public waters – resources that contribute to a healthy economy and a high-quality lifestyle.


In this section, you can explore stories and photos from Fish and Game's past, meet people and see places that have been a part of the Fish and Game legacy, and consider perspectives on the past and future of Fish and Game programs.


From the 1800s to Today, Fish and Game Continues a Legacy of Conservation


  • Connecting you to life outdoors.
  • Strengthening New Hampshire’s economy.
  • Preserving wildlife for future generations.


Fish and Wildlife at Risk
Back in 1865, much of the state’s fish and wildlife had been hunted, fished and trapped to extirpation. The Legislature took action and set up the first Commission on Fisheries, starting us out on the path that led to the science-based Department of today.


Along the way, dedicated staff, loyal sportsmen and women, and supportive legislators, citizens and visitors all played a role in conserving New Hampshire’s rich wildlife resources. We hope you enjoy exploring Fish and Game’s colorful past on these pages.



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