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Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators in New Hampshire

Please note that orphaned deer, moose and bear should be referred directly to the NH Fish and Game Department. Call (603) 271-3361.


List updated: March 14, 2016. Select a column heading to sort.


County Name DBA City State Phone Permitted animals
Carroll Cathie Gregg Elaine Conners Center for Wildlife Madison NH (603) 367-WILD (9453) fawns and moose calves  All Wildlife Species       No Rabies Vector Species
Cheshire Joyce Bemis   Keene NH (603) 852-3354 Small Mammals
Cheshire Ciera Louise   Keene NH (603) 352-3266 Small Mammals and Mourning Doves Only
Cheshire Logan Chaput   Keene NH (603) 313-0950 Small Mammals
Cheshire Joyce Hanrahan   Swanzey NH (603) 547-7628 Small Mammals
Cheshire Robert DeSena Marlborough Vet Clinic Marlborough NH (603) 876-3760 Relays Only
Cheshire Debra Gode   Winchester NH (603) 239-7338 Mammals, Birds
Coos Kim Johnsen   Carroll NH (603) 991-9124 Mammals, protected reptiles
Grafton Lauren Moulis Squam Lakes Natural Science Center Holderness NH (603) 968-7194  Herps, Mammals, Raptors (no songbirds) 
Grafton Catherine Greenleaf   Lyme NH (603) 795-4850 All Birds, Herps
Hillsborough Nancy Ann Cowan   Deering NH (603) 464-6213 Raptors
Hillsborough Martin Connolly Hidden Meadows Farm Temple NH (603) 924-6030 Protected Birds
Hillsborough Maria Colby Wings of the Dawn Bird Sanctuary Henniker NH (603) 428-3723 All birds, Small Mammals, Turtles
Merrimack Pamela Allgeyer   Pembroke NH  (603) 485-5231 Small Mammals
Merrimack Marie Leighton NH Reptile Rescue and Rehabilitation Concord NH (603) 223-9966 Reptiles and Amphibians
Rockingham Norman DeBoisbriand and Holly McCann   Kensington NH

(603) 501-8488

(603) 531-1635

Small Mammals
Rockingham Frannie Greenberg   Windham NH (603) 320-0941 Small Mammals
Rockingham Dr. Carol Macomber Granite State Animal Hospital  Windham NH (603) 894-6099 Small mammals, all birds
Rockingham Chris  Bogard   Epping NH (603) 679-3348 Turtles
Rockingham Jane Kelly Epping NH (603) 686-2129 Raptors, Ravens and Crows only
Strafford David Kondrup   Milton NH (603) 926-9363 Relays Only
Strafford Kathy Ladisheff   E. Rochester NH (603) 817-2786 Small Mammals and Fisher
Sullivan Susan Deane Johnson   Sunapee NH (603) 863-8940 H; (603) 863-3631 W Herps, Mammals, Birds
Sullivan Jolyon Johnson Wendell Veterinary Clinic Sunapee NH (603) 863-3631 Herps, Mammals, Birds (Relay Only)
Statewide Lisa Smith Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research, Inc. Newark DE (302) 737-9543 All species of wildlife contaminated by oil- spill