• Mark Beauchesne

    Hello friends,

    You’re here to find out more about taking back your weekend. It can be done, believe me -- I took back MY weekend.

    Here’s how I did it! I made time to go hunting this fall by getting most of my fall chores done early. Best of all, I did all of this and more in less than two weeks. I used my lunch hour and time after work to chip away at my list. I still had more than enough time for family and friends.

    Doing this really works! Do you want to spend your valuable weekend time doing chores?

    No!... you don’t. Take this advice: get your list cleared up during the week. That way you will have the time for what you really want to do.

    On this page, you'll find what you need to get your hunting season started. Now finish your chores and GO HUNTING!

    --Mark Beauchesne
    NH Fish and Game

    Deer hunting in NH
  • Maps of Wildlife Management Units
  • Wildlife Management Area guide
  • Where can I hunt in New Hampshire?
  • Hunting on State-owned Lands in N.H.
  • Where to shoot (fish & game clubs and ranges)
  • NH Flood Control Areas and Contacts - Federal
  • White Mountain National Forest
  • Lists of State Forests, State Parks, and Conservation Easements (from DRED Division of Forests and Lands)
    • Rules for Safe Hunting:
      1. Control the muzzle of your firearm. It should be pointed in a safe direction at all times. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded!
      2. Be sure of your target and look beyond, before you even raise your firearm or draw your bow.
      3. Wear hunter orange to make yourself more visible to other hunters. Never assume you are alone in the woods.




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