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March 19, 2018

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CONCORD, N.H. Fancy gadgets aren’t required to enjoy New Hampshire's wildlife, but some of the new high-tech equipment can help enhance your journey. You may find that sharing your experience through new technology can encourage more people to venture out, especially today’s tech-savvy kids. Learn about some of the high-tech wildlife watching equipment in the latest issue of New Hampshire Wildlife Journal magazine (March/April 2018).


Also in this issue, Fish and Game biologist Will Staats reflects on the legacy of Karl Strong, a North Country wildlife biologist. Over the course of his career, Strong blazed the trail for future biologists and land managers who protect New Hampshire’s habitats.


You’ll also learn about the differences between red fox and gray fox, New Hampshire’s two fox species. Enjoy a full spread of photographs of these crafty canines, and read about their habitats and behaviors.


Regular columns include On the Nature Trail, where we meet the wandering crossbill. Learn about the stealthy great horned owl in Wild Ways.  Our popular Warden’s Watch column follows the activities of Conservation Officers in the field.


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