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Brake for Moose -- It Could Save Your Life!

Kristine Rines: (603) 744-5470
Becky Johnson: (603) 271-3211

October 2, 2017

CONCORD, N.H. -- N.H. Fish and Game Department reminds motorists to be extra cautious while traveling Granite State roadways because moose are on the move.


Kristine Rines, Fish and Game's longtime Moose Project Leader, says that drivers should be prepared to see and react quickly to moose on or near the road.  While moose/vehicle collisions can happen at all times of the year, fall is a time of increased activity and accidents. In 2016, 116 moose were killed by vehicles in New Hampshire.


Rines urges drivers to slow down and stay alert – and not just at "moose crossing" signs! To avoid a moose collision:


  • Drive no faster than 55 miles per hour – especially at night, dusk and dawn.
  • Use high beams when possible;
  • Be able to stop within the zone of your headlights;
  • Scan the sides of the roads as you drive.


If you see a moose on the side of the road, expect it to run in front of you so SLOW down.


For more information on avoiding moose collisions, visit

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