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NH Fish and Game Commission Responds to Governor Sununu on Sunapee Access

Ted Tichy, NH Fish and Game Commission Chair: (603) 449-2244

August 22, 2017

The following letter from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission was delivered to Governor Christopher Sununu. Background on the proposed access site on Lake Sunapee may be viewed at


August 17, 2017

His Excellency, Governor Christopher T. Sununu
and the Honorable Council
State House
Concord, New Hampshire

Dear Governor Sununu & the Honorable Council,

At the August 9, 2017, Commission Meeting, The Fish and Game Commission voted unanimously to write to you to express our serious disagreement with your decision to pull the wetlands permit extension for the construction of the Wild Goose public access site on Lake Sunapee.

This boat access proposal has been in the works for over 20 years, however, not due to the lack of effort by the Fish and Game Department.  We feel the delay is due to a few wealthy individuals who have ownership on the shores of Sunapee and want to keep our 6th largest lake as their own private domain.

Lake Sunapee’s waters are “Waters of the State,” and by statute since 1906 must allow access to the public.  Countless hours and over $400,000 of the public’s money has been spent on studies, engineering and permitting to date.  To throw this away because of the selfish feelings of a few individuals should be a crime, as New Hampshire Statute states, “No individual or corporation shall prohibit public access to public waters.”

Exhaustive studies have been conducted, public hearings have been held and attended by hundreds of residents, and signed petitions have been submitted by thousands, all in support of the Wild Goose site.  It not only is the best site, it is the ONLY site that will meet the criteria as supported by the environmental assessment. (See attached)

We, the Commission and our constituency, not only strongly urge you to re-consider your decision to pull the extension of our wetlands permit, we also ask for your support in building this important access site, which will be used by thousands of residents and tourists alike to enjoy one of the great gems of our State.

Theodore Tichy, Chairman
NH Fish & Game Commission

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