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Moose Plates Help Fish and Wildlife

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January 23, 2017

CONCORD, N.H. -- When you register your vehicle this year, show your support for New Hampshire’s wildlife and wild places by buying a New Hampshire Conservation License Plate, or “Moose Plate.”

Did you know that Moose Plate dollars support Fish and Game’s efforts to conserve land and restore watersheds for fish, wildlife and outdoor recreation?  Projects funded in part by the Moose Plate and completed in 2016 included:


  • Stream restoration of Warren Brook in Alstead: The flood of October 2005 was devastating to southwestern New Hampshire. In terms of stream health and water quality, Warren Brook was particularly hard hit.  A number of restoration activities have taken place there since the flood, the latest on 900 feet of Warren Brook.  This restoration project was spearheaded by the Cold River Local Advisory Committee with the Town of Alstead and other partners. The work will reduce erosion into Warren Brook and the Cold River and provide much better fish habitat for the long-term.


  • Restoration of aquatic connectivity in Falls Brook in Swanzey: The Falls Brook watershed has a high-quality wild brook trout population. The Cheshire County Conservation District, USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service, Trout Unlimited and other project partners removed an undersized, flood-prone culvert that was a barrier to most fish and aquatic wildlife.


  • Moose plate dollars also have helped Fish and game conduct fish habitat surveys in rivers and streams and supported work to restore American shad and river herring to the Connecticut River.


The Moose Plate program also funds a significant portion (approximately 25%) of Fish and Game’s work protecting and restoring threatened and endangered wildlife and keeping common species healthy in New Hampshire. Each time you buy or renew a New Hampshire moose plate, it also helps provide critical financial match that allows the Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program to qualify for federal State Wildlife Grants.


Thanks in part to Moose Plate dollars:



In addition to helping wildlife, the Moose Plate supports key conservation, natural and cultural resource initiatives across New Hampshire.


Learn more about New Hampshire’s Moose Plate at


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