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Clam Flat Status: Click here or call the Clam Flat Hotline: 1-800-43-CLAMS

A shellfishing license is required to harvest clams or oysters; NH residents only. Resident Softshell Clam and Resident Oyster licenses are available to purchase online - click here and select "Fishing/Hunting licenses")


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Red Tide Resource Center

How to dig - The proper clam digging technique will help protect and improve our clam stocks!

How to improve oyster beds; oyster drill identification

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Frequently asked questions

Are nonresidents permitted to take clams and oysters?
No, only residents are allowed to purchase licenses for the taking of clams and oysters.

Are the clam flats open this weekend?
Call the Clam Flat Hotline at 1-800-43CLAMS (1-800-432-5267) for the most up-to-date information or click here for the same info on this website.  The hotline is generally updated by Friday afternoon each week.

Do you have maps showing the areas where shellfishing is allowed?
Maps are available in the N.H. Saltwater Fishing Digest (click here and on publication cover at right) or visit the Department of Environmental Services Shellfish Program website

Are NH shellfish safe to eat?
Generally, yes, with exceptions: if there is a Red Tide warning or other shellfish contamination issue, it will be shown on the Clam Flat Status page. The Clam Flat Hotline will also provide timely information on health-based closures (1-800-43-CLAMS). Shellfish from closed areas may not be harvested or eaten.

What species of clam is covered by rules that mention simply “clams”?
The soft shell clam (Mya arenaria) is the principal regulated clam. Also present for taking, but with different harvest regulations, are surf clams (Spisula solidissma) and razor clam (Ensis directus).

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