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Marine Laws and Rules

Managing Marine Resources


The Marine Fisheries Division of the NH Fish and Game Department was established by RSA 211:65. The Division is responsible for the regulation and promotion of both recreational and commercial marine fishing in the salt waters of the state. State waters include all waters within 3 miles of the coastline. The area between 3 and 200 miles of shore is under the jurisdiction of the Federal government. The Division conducts scientific investigations to monitor marine resources and habitat as well as the harvest of fishery resources within state waters. We also work with other states through the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, as well as the New England Fisheries Management Council, to manage marine species throughout their range.


Recreational Fishing Rules for Cod and Haddock


  • Federal Waters Rules (see page 9 of Greater Atlantic Region Bulletin at this link)
  • NH State Water Rules
    • The recreational bag limit for cod is 1 per day from August 1 to September 30
    • The minimum length required to keep a cod is 24 inches, with a minimum fillet size of 14 inches
    • The seasonal closure period for recreationally caught cod is October 1 to July 31 annually
    • Haddock
      • 17 inches minimum total length limit
      • From March 1 through April 14, no person shall take or possess haddock by recreational fishing
      • The recreational fishing daily limit for haddock shall be no more than 15 haddock
      • Head and tail intact, unless fillet is 10 inches minimum

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