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Be on the lookout for more information from New Hampshire Coastal Watershed Invasive Plant Partnership Agreement (NHCWIPPA).

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, N.H. Coastal Program - www.des.state.nh.us/Coastal/index

New Hampshire Fish and Game Department - www.wildlife.state.nh.us

New Hampshire Department of Transportation - www.nh.gov/dot

New Hampshire Department of Agricultural, Markets and Food - www.nh.gov/agric

New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development - www.dred.state.nh.us

Rockingham County Conservation District - www.rockinghamccd.org

Natural resources Conservation Service - www.nrcs.usda.gov

United States Forest Service - www.fs.fed.us

The Nature Conservancy - www.nature.org

Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve - www.greatbay.org

University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension - extension.unh.edu

Other invasive plant programs and resources:

Cornell University Non-indigenous Plant Species Program - www.invasiveplants.net

Invasive Species Council - www.invasives.org

New England Wildflower Society - www.newfs.org

UCONN Invasive Plant Management Guide (2001) - www.hort.uconn.edu/cipwg/art_pubs/GUIDE/guideframe.html

Weeds Gone Wild - www.nps.gov/plants/alien

Companies focused on control:


Invasive Plant Control (IPC) is one of only a few companies in the United States whose sole purpose is the management of Invasive Species nationwide. Invasive plant management requires remarkably different methodologies than traditional vegetation management. Focusing specifically on invasive plants has allowed Invasive Plant Control, Inc. to become one of the nations leading private entities for controlling invasive plants.

Municipal Pest Management Services
680 Peverly Hill Road
Portsmouth NH
(603) 431-0008
Cell (603) 231-1271
Mike Morrison

Control Methods:
Biological Control:
Contains information about ordering bio control agents (beetles) for Purple loosestrife

Manual Control:
Weed-Wrench(r) - www.weedwrench.com

Forestry Supply Inc. - www.forestry-suppliers.com

Chemical Control:
Forestry Supply Inc. - www.forestry-suppliers.com

Scott's Miracle-Gro Company (Ortho Herbicides) - www.scotts.com

Dow Agro Sciences Vegetation management: - www.dowagro.com/ivm

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