Commercial Saltwater Fishing

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Affidavit for Limited Access Lobster and Crab Licenses: The affidavit used to maintain eligibility for the commercial or limited commercial license instead of purchasing a license if you don’t intend to fish this year or opt to fish this year under the open access part-time commercial license or the recreational license.

Lobster reporting programs, advisories, and FAQs

"Weak Links" are required for trap buoys and gillnets to help protect whales from fishing gear entanglements.

NH Coastal Harvest Reporting Program

For questions about Coastal Harvest reporting requirements or reporting forms, contact the Marine Fisheries Division at (603) 868-1095 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays.

Marine Fishing Laws and Rules

New Hampshire Marine Fishing Rules (Chapter Fis 600 - Administrative Rules)

NH Revised Statutes - Title XVIII, Fish and Game Statutes Online

Commercial Fishing License and Permit Applications
Additional Links

Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

New England Fisheries Management Council

Gulf of Maine Council

National Marine Fisheries Service – Northeast Regional Office

Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System

UNH Coastal Observing Center

Atlantic Coast Cooperative Statistics Program - The ACCSP is a cooperative state-federal program to design, implement, and conduct marine fisheries statistics data collection programs and to integrate these data into a single data management system that will meet the needs of fishery managers, scientists, and fishermen.

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