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All persons age 16 and older recreationally fishing in coastal and estuarine waters of the state must purchase a NH Saltwater Recreational Fishing License. This includes anglers, spearfishers and persons using other gear types who wish to take, possess, or transport marine finfish for personal use and which are not sold.



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Marine Species in New Hampshire


Waters within 3 miles of New Hampshire's coast provide essential habitat for many species. Organisms that use inshore and estuarine waters for spawning and nursery habitat include smelt, American shad, blueback herring, alewives and winter flounder. Coastal migratory fish such as striped bass, mackerel and bluefish frequent New Hampshire waters to feed on the abundant forage species. Shellfish common to inshore waters include oysters, softshell clams and blue mussels. Other important commercially and recreationally harvested species found in New Hampshire include Atlantic cod, haddock, pollock and lobsters. We also have marine mammals such as harbor seals and various whale species. Read about Saltwater Fish Species in NH.