Topo (Topographic) Maps of NH

Clicking on a town name below will open a PDF page in another window or browser tab. This new page will give you the option to download topographic maps and/or 2009 color aerial photographs. Each map is named by an ID number and quarter tile (NW, NE, SW, SE) of the corresponding 7.5’ US Geological Survey quadrangle.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just because a property is identifed as conservation or public land, that does NOT necessarily mean it is publicly accessible. Please do your local research, and get permission if needed, before venturing onto private property. Click HERE for a map LEGEND.

These maps are provided as a courtesy, and are based on data from NH GRANIT.

Digital data in NH GRANIT represent the efforts of the contributing agencies to record information from the cited source materials. Complex Systems Research Center, under contract to the NH Office of Energy and Planning, and in consultation with cooperating agencies, maintains a continuing program to identify and correct errors in these data. OEP, CSRC, and the cooperating agencies make no claim as to the validity or reliability or to any implied uses of these data.

Click HERE for a statewide quad tile INDEX.


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