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Moose Hunting in NH


New Hampshire's moose hunt is nine days, starting the third Saturday in October. The 2016 hunt will take place from October 15-23, 2016, by permit only.



Adventure of a Lifetime


As part of a sound management strategy, the moose hunt has been an annual event in New Hampshire since 1988. The moose population, which was only approximately 50 animals in 1950, had grown to over 4,100 by the time of the first moose hunt in 1988, when 75 permits were issued, primarily for the northern parts of the state. The success rate for that first year of the moose hunt was about 76 percent. Today, New Hampshire's moose population is estimated to be approximately 4,000 moose. For those lucky winners who take part in the hunt, it is often the adventure of a lifetime.


Moose Hunt Photo Gallery


Moose Hunt


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The Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire auctions off two New Hampshire moose hunt permits each year. Bids are awarded in early August. All proceeds benefit NH Fish and Game Department programs.