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Bear Season Dates

WMU Maps


2017 Bear Season Dates


Wildlife Management Units


General Season WMUs:  H2, K, L, M Sept. 1–Sept. 28
WMUs: A, B, C2, D1, H1, I2 Sept. 1 – Nov. 7
WMUs: C1, D2, E, F, G, I1, J1, J2 Sept. 1 – Nov. 21
Baiting Season WMUs: G, H1, H2, I1, I2, J1, J2, K, L, M Sept. 1 – Sept. 21
WMUs: A, B, C1, C2, D1, D2, E, F Sept. 1 – Sept. 28
Dog Season WMUs: A, B, C1, C2, D1, D2, E, F, G, H1, I1, I2, J1, J2 Sept. 18 – Nov. 7
WMUs: H2, K, L, M Dog season CLOSED