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Ice-fishing Tournaments in NH


Species Key: A: all species; B: Bass; WP: White Perch; YP: Yellow Perch; ECP: Eastern Chain Pickerel; BC: Black Crappie; EBT: Eastern Brook Trout; NP: Northern Pike; WLE: Walleye


Start End Waterbody Town Club Type Public
02-18 02-18 All Legal Waters in Washington WASHINGTON Washington Volunteer Fire Dept. EBT BT RT YP WP ECP BC BBH FALLFISH NO BASS TRUE
02-18 02-18 Kezar Lake SUTTON Andover Fish & Game Club ECP YP RT EBT BC BBH NO BASS TRUE
02-18 02-18 Milton Three Ponds MILTON Milton Winter Carnival All Species NO BASS TRUE
02-18 02-19 Webster Lake FRANKLIN Webster Lake Derby Committee ECP YP WP BT RBT NO BASS TRUE
02-19 02-19 Potanipo Lake & Melendy Pond BROOKLINE Brookline Recreation Commission All legal Species NO BASS TRUE
02-25 02-25 Lovell Lake,Balch Lake,Pine River Pond,Great East WAKEFIELD Wakefield Parks & Recreation Dept YP WP ECP RT BC NO BASS TRUE
02-25 02-25 Ogontz Lake LYMAN Matt Woods Memorial Ice Fishing Derby YP WP ECP BT RT NP NO BASS TRUE
02-25 02-25 Big Pea Porridge Pond MADISON White Mountains Lodge 2705 Loyal Order of Moose BT RBT ECP YP WP TRUE
02-25 02-25 Loon Lake FREEDOM Freedom Firefighters Association ECP YP RT EBT NO BASS TRUE
02-25 02-26 Newfound Lake BRISTOL Alexandria Volunteer Fire Dept. LT RT YP ECP CUSK NO BASS TRUE