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Curriculum Unit Kits to Borrow [order form]


These kits contain materials, equipment and activities to do a unit on a particular subject.


  • Track Kit - Contains 20 different latex tracks and animal sign to be used to teach about New Hampshire’s wildlife. Includes activities and overheads to be used with a class. This is a good supplement to the track activity from Project WILD.
  • Fur Kit - The fur kit provides pelts of some common New Hampshire wildlife. Because many species of wildlife are elusive and difficult to see, this kit allows students to examine their pelts up close. The furs are identified with brief natural history information. This is a good complement to the Track Kit.
  • Furbearer Fundamentals - Furbearers are those mammals that have traditionally been trapped for their fur. Kit contains pelts, scat, tracks and skulls of the fourteen furbearers found in the northeast. Suggested interdisciplinary unit plan, activities, field guides, keys and fact sheets are included to support the teaching of three sub-themes: natural history of the furbearers; history of furbearers, including their connection to the changing landscape and the development of the U.S.; and wildlife management techniques. For middle school students.
  • Wildlife Kits - Engage your students with puppets, skeletons, track molds, field guides, books, posters, puzzles, tools and more. Each kit comes with a suggested curriculum unit using activities from Project WILD, WET, and Learning Tree. Wildlife Kits are available for the following topics:
    • Mammals: K-3
    • Birds: K-3
    • Spiders & Insects: K-3
    • NH Trees and Forests: 2-6
    • Wetlands and Water Quality: 4-6
    • NH Landscapes and Communities/ Watersheds and Ecoregions: 4-6


Curriculum Guides to Order (free!) [order form]

  • Discover Spring Wetlands - This curriculum focuses on what wetlands are and why they are important. Activities include guided imagery and spring peeper survey. Grade Level: 2-5.
  • Black Bear - A unit on black bear designed for elementary students. Grade Level: 2-4.
  • Rabies - Raises student awareness of rabies, its carriers, spread and safety. Grade level: K-6.


Curriculum Guides to Download

  • Endangered Animals PDF Document A thematic unit for elementary school students on endangered species. The unit includes activities to help student understand why and how animals become endangered. Download the Endangered Animals curriculum.
  • Project Osprey - Focuses on osprey as a species of concern. Activities include background and natural history information, threats and management strategies. Grade level: 5-9. Project Osprey information and school curriculum.
  • Field Investigation PDF Document Using Outdoor Environments to Foster Student Learning of Scientific Processes


Publications - for download OR to order in classroom quantity [order form]