V. Buck Age Structure Management - Links to Other Sources of Background Information

The Department will be making recommendations regarding whether or not buck age structure management should be implemented, and if so how, in the next year. Given the importance of this issue, the results of the 2010 survey will weigh heavily into the future of New Hampshire deer management. Therefore, survey participants and others interested in understanding the issue might benefit from exploring some additional background information.

Following are some buck age structure management references from a variety of sources and points of view to help you better understand the issue. A great deal has been written about buck age structure management, some of it good, some bad and some ugly. Clearly there are up sides and down sides to buck age structure management, and these vary among the methods. Whether or not you are taking the survey, please take some time to look this material over to help familiarize yourself with this complex deer management issue.

Using Antler Restrictions to Manage for Older-Aged Bucks: “Navigating the Tangled Thicket” (Mississippi State University)

NEW HAMSHIRE BIG GAME PLAN: Species Management Goals and Objectives, 2006-2015

Antler Restrictions (From Deer & Deer Hunting Magazine, August 2006, used by permission of the publisher)

Antler Regulation Effects on White-tailed Deer on Mississippi Public Hunting Areas (Proceedings of the 2005 Conference of the Southeast Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies)

Managing Michigan Deer Herds’ for Trophy Bucks (Michigan Department of Natural Resources)

Antler Restrictions in Pennsylvania: Are They Working? (Pennsylvania Game Commission)

Antler Point Restrictions & Related: With Annotations by Keith R. McCaffery

Antler Restriction Program (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation)

Do Antler Restrictions Really Work (Hudson Valley QDMA)

Biological and Other Compelling Needs for Antler Restrictions (Hudson Valley QDMA)

Managing Deer Herds with Harvest (Mule Deer Working Group, Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies)


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