Barry Conservation Camp -- Work in Progress!

Volunteers from around the state have helped restore Barry Conservation Camp to ensure that our kids get outdoor experiences. Camp re-opened in 2011 and is going strong. Dedicated volunteers are continuing to make improvements to the camp's facilities. Scroll down this page for some snapshots of the work in progress. Photos by project photographer Gary Sleeper.

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Barry Camp's new covered shooting range is now complete and in use! Thanks to some very special sponsors, campers this summer are learning about shooting sports in some great new digs. The range includes portable shooting stations and a covered waiting pavillion.

Shooting range at Barry Conservation Camp
Signs on the new covered shooting range acknowlege the contributions of TRB Enterprises of Gilford; Seacoast Mills, Inc., of Brentwood; and the Plum Creek Foundation, which made the new facility possible.

Covered shooting range
June 8, 2012 -- New covered shooting range in progress.
Just weeks before the first kids arrived for the 2012 summer sessions, volunteers worked through a cold rainy weekend to construct a gorgeous new covered shooting range and a pavillion where students can gather near the range. Gary Sleeper of Belknap County Sportsmen's Association was on hand to help. He recounts: "We had a great day last Friday! I am attaching pics of the new rifle range buildings. Yes, that's two building we put up! The range building is complete and the pavillion is all but done -- only the roof to complete and that will be done before the camp opens."

TRB Crew TRB Enterprises truck near construction of shooting range
This talented crew from TRB Enterprises of Gilford built the camp's new shooting range. Lumber was donated by Seacoast Mills, Inc., of Brentwood, N.H.,. The Plum Creek Foundation funded roofing materials.
TRB Enterprises worked on the buildings, donating a full day's labor. Above, a TRB truck at the construction site as work progresses.

May 13-14, 2011 -- Volunteers returned to Barry Camp for a spring work session. It was wet and cool, but nothing was going to stop this hard-working crew from getting the job done for those campers arriving in June! Judy Silverberg of Fish and Game took some of these photos.

Deer Meadow Cabin
the parking lot was full
Belknap County Sportsmen's Association members take a well-deserved break outside their refurbished adopted cabin.
Volunteers' trucks filled the Barry Camp parking lot as the May 2011 work weekend got underway. What a team!

SCI cabin
Mission accomplished! The N.H. Chapter of Safari Club International renovated the Bobcat Lair cabin, and it is looking good.

New woodshed
woodshed and fire pit
Ed Piper built this crafty woodshed to store firewood at the camp. Thanks, Ed!
The woodshed is sited near the camp's fire pit, which awaits the songs and laughter of campers who will soon be here to enjoy it.

  Bear's Den cabin gets a make-over
Bear's Den work
Members of the Basil Woods Chapter of Trout Unlimited tackled major renovations needed on the Bear's Den cabin.

More work on the Bear's Den
TU members at work on the Bear's Den cabin.

NH trappers put new windows in their cabin.
Painting the ceiling
Members of the N.H. Trappers Association fitted their adopted cabin, the Beaver Lodge, with new doors and windows over the weekend. Dwight Pennal's wife puts finishing touches on the Beaver lodge interior, giving the ceiling a fresh coat of paint.

Building footlockers for Barry Camp:
Craig Briggs is seen at right in his Northfield, NH, shop working on storage boxes for Barry Camp cabins last winter. Initially he volunteered to repair the original boxes, (below, right), but it turned out that the new boxes took less time to build than dismantling and re-assembling the oldies. Craig not only devoted many hours to the project, but also contributed money and materials. Craig's friend Alan Ashey also pitched in to help build the new footlockers, which campers will use to store their belongings in. Additional funding for building the boxes was contributed by Edge of the Woods Home Park in Gilford, NH, in memory of William (Whale) Perrier.

Below, the freshly crafted footlockers are stacked and ready to be delivered to Barry Camp for this summer's campers. That 's quite a stack! You can see that a LOT of work, hours and craftsmanship went into building them -- they are sure to last for many years. In all, we needed 35 boxes -- 7 for each cabin.

Craig Briggs built footlockers for Barry Camp
Footlockers ready for Barry Camp

Craig Briggs with the old footlockers used at BCC

Mike Normandin and Dale Carruth at the Rockingham Show

Mike Normandin and I took the Barry Camp Challenge to the Rockingham Fishing and Hunting Expo in January and talked to many, many people about the project. One man came directly to the booth when he saw the sign and said he wanted to donate, as he had read about the project in the Boston Globe! We met several past campers who were thankful that the camp was being reopened, and two kids that were all ready to go to camp this year. What a feeling to know that the project means so much to people! -- Gary Sleeper

At left, Mike Normandin talks with Dale Carruth of Safari Club International's NH Chapter at the Rockingham Show.

January 6, 2011
Snow is on the ground, but work continues on items needed for Barry Camp. At left, Ed Piper of Webster (Ed Piper & Sons Builders) is seen in his workshop painting signs for the camp. Other winter projects include new wooden shooting benches being constructed for Barry Camp by a Boy Scout troop in Massachusetts (Troop 121 of Auburn, Mass., part of the Quinsigamond District, in the Mohegan Council).

Another critical activity going on this winter is fundraising. The good news is that, thanks to the efforts of New Hampshire outdoorsmen and women, the project is halfway to its goal of raising $50,000 – enough to support a decision by Fish and Game to reopen the camp this summer. Mike Normandin and Gary Sleeper are out talking to clubs, groups and businesses across the state to invite their participation so we can finish the job. Click here for an update and to find out how you can help.

Ed Piper making signs

November 3, 2010
After receiving the necessary permits in late October, N.H. Fish and Game Department staff from the Berlin Hatchery worked with R&L Amey, Inc., of Pittsburg, N.H., to install a new water line from the water source to the storage tank in early November.
Installing the water line

October 20, 2010
The camp roofs are finally all completed, and they look great. The dining hall is now a nice dark brown color also! Beautiful day up there yesterday with snow on the Presidential Range. Several moose were being checked in also. -- Mike Normandin

Jery helps finish the last roof at Barry Camp
View of Presidential Range from Barry Camp
That's Jerry finishing up the last roof at Barry Camp October 19. Careful up there! The snow-capped Presidential Range, as seen from the Barry Camp cabins in October.
Raffi spraying the dining hall
Newly painted dining hall building
Raffi's Painting in Berlin sprays the camp's dining hall in October. The newly painted dining hall building looks spiffy. Thanks, Raffi!

October 13, 2010
Watching the weather in hopes of finishing up a few more things on the camp before winter closes in. Some things will have to wait for spring. In the meantime, donations of materials are still needed, including windows, doors, stain, electrical work, etc.  Good winter project for a willing club or individual: We're looking for a person or organization to build several shooting benches over winter; plans are available. A permanent flagpole would be a wonderful addition for the camp [A donation of $350 would fund a 20-foot fiberglass flagpole and a 4x6 flag at Barry Camp.]  Epoxy-type floor paint – and the application of same – is needed for those buildings not yet adopted. For the spring, we are looking for someone to take on the task of replacing the two sets of hillside stairs and refurbishing the campfire circle.  In addition, we will need to finish up work on the buildings, especially Bear's Den, and other camp facilities. Contact me at or 603-455-5435 for specifics. -- Mike Normandin

Bear's Den cabin
Persistent rain in early October halted progress on re-roofing the Bear's Den cabin.
Moose Wallow cabin
Moose Wallow renovations are complete, thanks to Pointer Fish and Game.

October 7, 2010
Mike Normandin and Gary Sleeper: Went up this week to try to get the last roof on, but weather prevented us from finishing roofing project. Rain yesterday p.m., but worked through it expecting clear skies today. Not so!! We got half a roof on, but it was too miserable to continue. Hopefully we can finish that part of the project before the snow flies!

October 4, 2010
A big thanks goes out to members of Pointer Fish and Game Club, who were busy up at Barry Camp last week -- in spite of the rain -- and were able to finish work on their adopted cabin, "Moose Wallow." It looks wonderful (see photo at right).

The club is also looking into ways to address electrical updating needed for exit signs and exterior lighting on exits at the camp.

September 25-26, 2010
It was another successful weekend for the Barry Camp renovations! Our thanks to LL Cote in Errol for their donation of materials needed for the work party. They stepped up literally a half hour before we left for Barry Camp. Greatly appreciated!

Several volunteer workers arrived on Friday and immediately went to work. Saturday morning saw a good force of 15 or so volunteers on the job, one being a NH legislator. The NH Trappers Association members were there in force to work on their "adopted " building, the Beaver Lodge. Work continued through the day on Sunday.

With the help of the Trappers; Ed & Sheila Welch of Milan; Belknap County Sportsmen's Association members Bill Saulnier, Jon Neal, Ralph Scribner, Gary Sleeper, Don Bilodeau, John Lanier and Mike Normandin, we were able to put new roofs on four buildings. Several of these folks drove up for one day of helping out. Walt Philbrick took care of feeding the troops and was resident gopher. Trout Unlimited volunteers Bill Hall and Dan Stickney also were up for the weekend to lend a hand.

We were pleased to see Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barry show up to see the work in progress. They are very grateful and pleased to see the progress being made. Besides the roofs, rotted siding was replaced, a falling-down woodshed is now flat, and drainage work was done around several camps. Great weekend, good show of force, lots done. Thanks, everyone!

Scenes from the September work weekend -- it was a great way to enjoy the foliage and help out the camp!

New roofs at Barry Camp
Busy September work weekend
Volunteers put new metal roofs on four Barry Camp cabins during the September 2010 work weekend. Barry Camp was busy with renovation activity during a September volunteer work weekend.
N.H. Trappers at work
LL Cote truck delivers donated supplies
N.H. Trappers Association members work on restoring their "adopted" cabin - September 2010 A truck from LL Cote in Errol delivers donated supplies for the work weekend at Barry Camp.
Drainage work around the cabins
Ralph Scribner working on drainage
Fish and Game's Wayne Paschal works to improve drainage around the cabin foundations. Ralph Scribner assists with accomplishing needed drainage improvements around the cabins.
Mike Normandin and Charles Barry
roof work on a Barry Camp cabin
Charles Barry (right) with Mike Normandin. Charlie is a former Fish and Game Executive Director. He and his wife Becky stopped by to visit the work site. Barry Camp is named in honor of the Barry family. Volunteers pitch in to repair roofs on several cabins at Barry Camp in September.

August 14-15, 2010
An enthusiastic team of workers tackled the start of renovations at the N.H. Fish and Game Department's Barry Conservation Camp during the first work weekend in mid-August.  In two days of focused activity, the volunteer crew was able to completely refurbish the camp's recreation building, where campers gather for instruction and fun. Volunteers stripped off the building's old siding, put on new siding and stained it; squared up all the windows and door; removed and replaced rotted soffit and fascia boards; and capped off the improvements with a long-lasting new metal roof. Check out the "before" and "after" photos, below!

Below, Rec Building - Before

Barry Camp Rec Building - BEFORE

Rec Building - After!

Renovated rec hall
The camp's recreation building, adopted by the Belknap County Sportsmen's Association, was renovated by a volunteer crew in a single weekend in August 2010. At left above, the building before work began. At right above is the refurbished rec building. Wow!
Working on the Rec Hall at work on the rec hall building

Thanks to volunteers who showed up to help and worked tirelessly -- including Fish and Game Executive Director Glenn Normandeau (below, right) -- the first work weekend of the Barry Camp Challenge was a huge success.

Working on rec hall siding at Barry Camp
Executive Director Glenn Normandeau pitches in at Barry Camp

Can you help?

  • To make a monetary donation to help pay for renovations and create an endowment for future repairs, send contributions to: the Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire, PO Box 3993, Concord, NH 03301. Please specify that the donation is for the Barry Camp Fund. Thanks for your support.

  • For information on adopting a camp project or volunteering, contact Mike Normandin at or call 603-455-5435.

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