2012 Barry Camp Wild Game Weekend:
A Culinary Adventure

The first-ever Wild Game Weekend at Barry Camp was a huge success. More than 30 participants enjoyed a rustic weekend learning how to prepare and cook wild game, from squirrel to venison. They got to sample a wide range of "tastes of the wild," from smoked trout to venison tenderloin to beaver stew and bear sausage. In addition to being a unique educational event, the session raised nearly $4,000 in operating costs for the North Country youth camp.

Skinning squirrels
Participants try their hand at skinning squirrels.
Squirrel and moose cooking
Rocky and Bullwinkle on the grill: squirrel "hot wings" and roasting moose.
Deer cutting
Watching a master butcher dress a deer.
Venison cuts on display
An assortment of venison cuts, about to get grilled up for lunch!
Seasoning shish kebabs
Seasoning venison shish kebabs.
Sausages grilled up by "Sweet Mamas Bakery"
Delicious smoked sausages to sample. Sweet Mamas Bakery also collected over $80 for Barry Camp with a donation jar on their counter.

A heartfelt thanks to our generous sponsors!


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