New Hampshire Wildlife Control Operator Level II Class

Wildlife Control Operators (WCOs) in New Hampshire are required to complete a day-long workshop (the WCO Level II Class) prior to conducting business in the state. (Call 603- 868-1095 for information.) In addition, a N.H. Fish and Game Trapper Education Course must be completed (for Trapper Education course listings, click here).

Next WCO class: The WCO Level II Class is offered once each year in January. Watch this page for an announcement of the specific date. The class is free, but you must pre-register.

For more information, or to be put on a mailing list for future WCO certification classes, contact 603-271-2461 or e-mail  Be sure to include your name, address and telephone number. 

For more on the licensing requirements for WCO Operators, click here.

WCO Course Overview


New Hampshire Fish and Game Department
11 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH
East/West Conference Room (first floor)

Arrive by 8:15 to register. Class starts promptly at 8:30 a.m. Late arrivals will be denied certification.

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Laws and regulations
  • Wildlife biology and ecology
  • Best management practices including exclusion, repellants and proper trapping techniques.
  • Consideration of humane issues with wildlife
  • Euthanasia
  • Landowner relations
  • Diseases, hazards and risks
  • Ethical operations and expectations for conducting control in NH

Following is the agenda for the Wildlife Control Operator II Workshop:

Wildlife Control Operator II Workshop
NH Fish & Game Headquarters, 11 Hazen Dr. Concord

8:15- 8:30  Registration

8:30  Pat Tate, Furbearer Project Leader, NH Fish & Game

  • Introduction, Species life history.

8:45  Mike Marchand, Wildlife Biologist, NH Fish & Game

  • Reptile identification and biology.

9:20  Conservation Officer, NH Fish & Game

  • Reading and discussing the rules for operating a wildlife control business in NH.

10:00 Break

10:15  Wildlife Specialist, USDA APHIS, NH Wildlife Services

  • Advice and materials available.
  • Which animals are most frequently considered nuisance.
  • Responsibilities for deer, bear, and moose complaints in New Hampshire.

11:00  Wildlife Specialist, USDA APHIS, NH Wildlife Services

  • Federally protected species and laws.  
  • Permits for waterfowl control.
  • Controlling federally protected species.
  • Techniques for preventing reoccurrences, repellants, scare devices.
  • Best Management Practices for avian species.

11:45  Linda Verville, Wildlife Programs Specialist, NH Fish & Game

  • How to submit your annual report.
  • How to sign up for the NHF&G WCO II list for referrals from F&G.

12:00 Lunch on your own.

12:30  Speaker To Be Determined: Disease Concerns & Euthanasia

  • Capturing and handling wildlife human/wildlife disease concerns and hazards.
  • Humane issues including proper euthanasia techniques for wildlife.

1:15   Emily Brunkhurst, Wildlife Biologist, NH Fish & Game

  • NH bats and White Nose Syndrome.

2:00   Paul DeBow, Debow Wildlife Services

  • Problem area site evaluation, trap placement techniques.
  • Ethical trapping and exclusion methods. 
  • Preventing further conflicts.

2:30  Mike Morrison, NH Trappers Association

  • Land owner skills, site evaluation.
  • Your responsibilities as a WCO.
  • Avoiding non-target animals and Best Management Practices.

3:00 Wrap up

3:10 Certificate presentation


 For more information on Trapping in New Hampshire, click here.

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