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Click on the date to download Wildlines, the NH Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program's award-winning newsletter (pdf format):

  • New! Spring 2014 - Conserving Hinman Pond; New England Cottontails; Updating New Hampshire's Wildlife Action Plan; Where Do All the Terns Go? (new research)
  • Winter 2014 - Conserving nongame wildlife; Wind farm impact on wildlife research wraps up; Moose plate dollars at work.
  • Fall 2013 - Monitoring reptiles and amphibians for 25 years; Breeding season updates on piping plovers, New England cottontails, Karner blue butterflies, terns and sandpipers; Blanding's turtle research.
  • Summer 2013 - Bountiful Insects; John Kanter reflects on a "wild program"; Profile of the Eastern Firefly.
  • Spring 2013 - Birds, birds, birds; Winter Field Season Update (American marten, New England cottontail, Canada lynx); Spring Nongame Program Talks; Profile: Northern spring peeper.
  • Winter 2013 - Bringing back the Eastern cottontail; Wildlife Action Plan boosts land protection; 25th anniversary for Nongame Program; Moose plate-funded programs; Profile: White-footed mouse.
  • Fall 2012 - Breeding season updates; Black racer surveys; Boost for Blanding's turtles; American marten study wraps up.
  • Summer 2012 - Wildlife on the move; Tracking lynx in the North Country; Nongame Program volunteers honored; Eastern tiger swallowtail.
  • Spring 2012 - Tracking Marten in the North Country; Funding Wildlife Conservation; Warm Winters and Wildlife; Great blue heron.
  • Winter 2012 - State Wildlife Grants in jeopardy; Karner conservation; Fowler's toad discovery; northern cardinal.
  • Fall 2011 - Breeding season summary issue includes reports on piping plovers, pine marten, upland sandpipers, black racers, Blanding's turtles, freshwater mussels, terns, Karner blue butterflies and the dragonfly survey project.
  • Summer 2011 - Wind Farms and Wildlife; White Nose Syndrome Devastates Bat Populations; Endangered N.H. Butterflies.
  • Spring 2011- Protection of wildlife habitat at Black Mountain; New research benefits New England cottontails; NH wildlife sightings website.
  • Winter 2011 - State Wildlife Grants - 10 Years of Success and an Uncertain Future; 500 Acres Protected at Clay Pond; Moose Plate Dollars at Work.
  • Fall 2010 - New England Cottontail Habitat Work; Veterinarians Help in Black Racer study; Upland Sandpipers; Seabirds and Shorebirds; N.H. Dragonfly Survey Moves North; Celebrating 10 Years of Conservation and Karner Success.
  • Summer 2010 (PDF, ) - Bats in Trouble; Operation Shellshock; Statewide Wildlife Habitat Maps Updated.
  • Spring 2010 (PDF, 894 KB) - Black racer snake surveys; Record year for bald eagles; Regional grants help nongame wildlife; Volunteer opportunities with nongame program projects.
  • Winter 2010 (PDF, 759 KB) - State of NH's Birds; NE Cottontail Work Underway; Nongame web resources.
  • Fall 2009 (PDF, 1.8 MB) - Karner success; Tern colony update; Devastating summer for bats; Piping plover breeding season; Herp report.
  • Summer 2009 (PDF, 627 KB) - Piping plovers this summer; Two national grants for Northern Forest, New England cottontail conservation; Amazing animal performers; Slow down for turtles; bullfrogs.
  • Spring 2009* (PDF, 886 KB) - Federal legislation could boost funding for wildlife conservation; Curbing affects small wildlife; Red-spotted newt; volunteer opportunities.
  • Winter 2009* (PDF, 1.3 MB) - Loon productivity; Wildlife Action Plan update; Changes to state threatened and endangered list; Pine pinion moth; Moose plate update.
  • Fall 2008*(PDF, 1.7 MB) - Eastern small-footed bats; Piping plover success; Blandings' turtles discovery; Tern population steady; Bald Eagle chicks in NH double; Karner Blues on upswing; Rhode Island Zoo Summer Kids Camp Helps NH Karner Blue Butterflies.
  • Summer 2008* (PDF 1.3 MB) - Burnin' the Barrens; Marbled salamander survey; Sewing bat bags; Wildlife Action Grant program.
  • Spring 2008* (PDF 1.3 MB) - New Wildlife Action Plan tools for communities; Wildlife volunteers needed; 20 year anniversary for protecting nongame wildlife!
  • Winter 2008* (PDF 1.5 MB) - Endangered Species Recovery Takes Time; Common loon population holds steady; Mysterious round whitefish; Marbled salamander surveys.
  • Fall 2007* (PDF, 2 MB) - Challenging year for piping plovers; Terns keep growing; New protection for reptiles and amphibians; Bald eagles a stop closer to recovery; Karner blue butterfly recovery update; Peregrine population continues to rise; SciGirls discover rare dragonfly species.
  • Spring 2007* (PDF, 1.3 MB) - New Hampshire's largest winter bat hibernaculum protected; Wildlife volunteers make a difference!; Fall 2006 - Early 2007 donor roster; Fast Facts: American woodcock
  • Summer 2007* (PDF, 1.3 MB) Bees and butterflies: The vital role of pollinators; Culverts: friend or foe?; Hands-on habitat grants available; Honeybee fast facts.
  • Winter 2007* (PDF, 1.2 MB) Wildlife Action Plan update; Moose plate dollars at work; Backyard birding in winter; New conservation area will benefit species of concern.
  • Fall 2006* (PDF, 2 MB) Breeding bird updates: bald eagles, peregrine falcons, piping plovers, loons, terns; Karner blue butterflies on the rise; Timber rattler survey; 2006 roster of donors.
  • Summer 2006* (PDF, 695 KB) Surveying for the ringed boghaunter; Timber rattlesnakes at risk; NH Wildlife Action Plan approved
  • Spring 2006* (PDF, 692 KB) RAARP volunteers investigate vernal pools; Wildlife volunteers wanted; Mascot Mine protection; Hop On Board for 2006 annual campaign!
  • Winter 2006* (PDF, 253 KB) Pine marten make a comeback; Wildlife Action Plan ready to roll; Native plantings for backyard wildlife
  • Fall 2005*: (PDF, 603 KB) Karner blues gain ground; Season updates for piping plovers, ospreys, bald eagles, terns & peregrine falcons; Eastern hognose snakes radio tracking project; 2005 roster of donors
  • Summer 2005*: (PDF, 287 KB) A turtle's place; Hampton-Seabrook Marsh and Dunes IBA; Shoals Marine Lab & tern project partnership; Timber rattlesnake profile
  • Spring 2005*: (PDF, 443 KB) The amazing herps of New Hampshire; lead tackle ban; wildlife volunteers wanted
  • Winter 2005*: (PDF, 474 KB) Winter waterfowl on the seacoast; new potential winter hibernation sites for bats; winter volunteer opportunities in the Nongame Program
  • Fall 2004*: (PDF, 731 KB) Pine marten study; plus season updates on bald eagles, Project Osprey, Seavey Island terns, piping plovers and Karner blue butterflies
  • Summer 2004*: (PDF, 476 KB) Bat survey shows stable population; Coming together for Wildlife Summit; Beach jogger helps endangered shorebirds; Brake for turtles; How old is old with wildlife?
  • Spring 2004*: (PDF, 469 KB) Record number of bald eagles; Seacoast conservation recommendations; First 9 N.H. "Important Bird Areas" named
  • Winter 2004*: (PDF, 287 KB) State Wildlife Plan underway; Controlled burn improves pine barrens habitat; New staff for Nongame
  • Fall 2003*: (PDF, 480 KB) 2003 Breeding season update: bald eagles, piping plovers, terns, Karner blues; Spotlight on Blanding's turtles; Pine marten study begins; Bat study & relocation; N.H. Estuaries Project
  • Summer 2003*: (PDF, 455 KB) "Snakes in the Yard": Nonaggressive creatures commonly misidentified and misunderstood, Snakes of New Hampshire, Where to look for snakes, Nongame program 15th anniversary
  • Spring 2003*: (PDF, 1.1 MB) Wildlife protection in New Hampshire, Hibernating animals, Let's RAARP!
  • Winter 2003*: (PDF, 227 KB) Moose conservation plate, Federal funding for Nongame Program, Important Bird Areas, Nongame team profiles
  • Fall 2002*: (PDF, 1 MB) Breeding season update, Tern restoration, Birds of prey, Karner Blues, Bat survey, Piping plovers
  • Summer 2002*: (PDF, 314 KB) Damselflies and dragonflies, Protecting coastal watershed (N.H. Estuaries Project)
  • Spring 2002*: (PDF, 464 KB) Backyard wildlife habitat, Salamander searching, RAARP volunteers needed
  • Spring 2001*: (PDF, 396 KB) New habitat-protection guide available, moose license plates, RAARP reporting begins
  • Winter 2000/01*: (PDF, 219 KB) Bird populations down in White Mountains, Habitat loss affects wide range of wildlife species
  • Fall 2000*: (PDF, 307 KB) Piping plover restoration, Blanding's Turtles update, Raptor breeding report, Karner Blue habitat project
  • Summer 2000*: (PDF, 326 KB) Conservation and Reinvestment Act passes U.S. House, Karner Blue efforts increase, Osprey restoration, Canada Lynx


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