New Hampshire Wildlife Management Areas

Henry Laramie Wildlife Management Area

Town: Enfield, Grantham
County: Grafton and Sullivan
Acres: 3,062

Acquisition History: The Fish and Game Department began acquiring land for Henry Laramie WMA (known until 2011 as Enfield WMA) in 1968, adding additional parcels to it over the years. Some 225 acres are held in a conservation easement, with the remaining acreage owned outright.

Description: Henry Laramie WMA is mostly forested with northern hardwoods and scattered stands of spruce and fir. It has marshlands, beaver ponds and numerous water bodies., including 17-acre Cole Pond, 30-acre George Pond, 96-acre Smith Pond, 9-acre Halfmile Pond and 40-acre Butternut Pond. An infestation of Saddle Prominent caterpillars attacked hardwoods at higher elevation in 1980-81. As a result, once-excellent forest stands are now mostly low-quality, sparse red maple and white ash.

Common Wildlife: Species include moose, white-tailed deer, ruffed grouse, snowshoe hare, black bear, wild turkey and beaver. Waterfowl occur in the marshy areas of ponds. Cole and Halfmile Ponds are remote (hike-in) access brook trout ponds that are stocked annually by helicopter. Cole Pond has special fly-fishing only regulations while Halfmile Pond has no special regulations. Anglers will find typical warmwater fish species; i.e. pickerel, yellow perch, sunfish and largemouth bass in George and Butternut Ponds; while Smith Pond has smallmouth bass in addition to pickerel, bullheads and yellow perch.

Special Notes: Georges' Pond (more like a marsh) has a small boat access along Bog Road. Smith Pond is classified as a public drinking water supply so recreation opportunities are limited. Smith Pond and Butternut Pond are accessed primarily from trails across private property

Directions: Henry Laramie WMA is located between Route 4A and I-89 and borders both roadways. From 4-A just south of Enfield Center, turn south onto Bog Road at George Pond Dam. About 2 miles from Route 4-A, there is a sign and parking area on the west side of Bog Road. A trail to Cole Pond begins here. Access to the west side of the WMA is provided at Exit 14 off of I-89. Go under the interstate and proceed 50 yards to the east, turning south over a small bridge.

DeLorme N.H. Atlas and Gazetteer coordinates: Page 34, A/B/C/D 1/2

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