New Hampshire Wildlife Management Areas

Forest Peters Wildlife Management Area

Town: Northwood
County: Merrimack
Acreage: 456

Acquisition History: The Land Conservation Investment Program (LCIP) purchased the property in 1991 from Pearl I. Peters and Seth F. Peters.

Description: The property consists of forestland, deeryards, and wetlands that form the headwaters of the Lamprey River.

Common Wildlife: Moose, deer, ruffed grouse and waterfowl habitat the area.

Special Notes: Forest Peters abuts the LCIP-acquired 662-acre Northwood Meadows State Park and another 300 acres owned by the University of NH on Saddleback Mountain. Another LCIP local project in Deerfield lies between the Northwood Meadows/Peters tracts and Pawtuckaway State Park, nearly linking them. This network of outstanding conservation land is all within 30 miles of Concord and provides excellent wildlife habitat as well as tremendous passive recreation opportunities

Directions: Forest Peters WMA can be accessed from Northwood Meadows State Park, or from Blakes Hill Rd, Mountain Rd., or Tower Rd.

DeLorme N.H. Atlas and Gazetteer coordinates: Page 29, E 8

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