New Hampshire Wildlife Management Areas

Conner Farm Wildlife Management Area

Town: Exeter
County: Rockingham
Acreage: 235

Acquisition History: The Conner Farm property was acquired by the Department of Transportation as part of the Route 101/51 construction project, and transferred from DOT to Fish and Game.

Description: Open fields comprise about ninety acres, and are leased for haying and corn. The forested portions are comprised of upland habitat containing oak, hemlock, and some white pine. Hardwood species of particular value to wildlife include red oak, white oak, black cherry, hickory, hop hornbeam, aspen and birch. There is also a small freshwater marsh, a stream, and several beaver ponds.

Common Wildlife: The variety of fields, forests, and wetlands make this ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife. Deer, turkey, migratory waterfowl, and small game all are found here. Grassland and wetland non-game species are also found.

Special Notes: Pheasants are stocked at Conner Farm WMA. There is an agricultural agreement on the hay and cornfields, and the leasing farmer uses some storage sheds. An unoccupied house is listed on the Historic Register.

Directions: There is a designated parking area off Route 27 near the house. Please do not park beyond the orange gate.

DeLorme N.H. Atlas and Gazetteer coordinates: Page 23, A 13 (not named)

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