Wood frog

Wood Frog

(Rana sylvatica)

NH Conservation Status: Not listed

State Rank Status: Widespread and secure

Distribution: Throughout NH

Description: A 1.5"-3" tan, brown, or pink frog with a dark mask running across the eye that ends at the eardrum. There are prominent ridges that run along the back and a light stripe across the upper jaw.

Commonly Confused Species: None

Habitat: Terrestrial, found in various wooded habitats. Also found along the vegetated edges of ponds and streams, wooded wetlands, and bogs.

Life History: Up to 3000 eggs are laid in globular masses in vernal pools. Eggs may be laid communally and give the appearance of a giant mass of eggs. Hibernates under woody debris on forest floor.

Voice: Short raspy quacks, like a duck

Conservation Threats: Species is secure

Distribution map: Click here for a map showing the towns where this species is reported to occur in NH

Wood frog call - click "play" triangle to listen: 
wood frog
Wood frogs have a dark mask that runs across each eye. Photo by Mike Marchand
wood frog
Wood frogs can vary in their color pattern as this individual is more reddish that the usual tan or brown coloration. Photo by Karlene Schwartz


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