Great gray owl

Great Gray Owl

(Strix nebulosa)

NH Conservation Status: Not listed

State Rank Status: No data for N.H. Occasional visitor approximately once every 3-5 years. Population trend unknown.

Distribution: Very rare & irregular winter visitor in N.H. Major flight occurred during the winter of 1978-1979 when 92 great gray owls were recorded from New Brunswick, New England, and New York.

Description: Up to 33” long and up to 60” wingspan. Largest owl in North America. Gray overall body color with dark facial rings, small yellow eyes and a black and white bowtie under the face.

Voice: Series of deep, evenly spaced “whoos”

Commonly Confused Species: Barred owls are much smaller in size and lack the distinctive white bowtie marking under the face.

Habitat: Small woodlands near large, open, wet fields. Northern coniferous forests with open bogs and muskegs.

Nesting: Limited information available. Nests in broken tree tops or nests made by other species. Hatchlings are born helpless and covered in gray-white down.

Diet: Small mammals; primarily rodents.


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