2015 NH Wildlife Calendar Fundraiser

2014 NH Fish and Wildlife Calendar

Here's a great fall fundraiser for your school, club or community group!

Sell the popular 2015 New Hampshire Wildlife Calendar and earn $4.95 per calendar.

Here's why our wildlife calendar sells so well:

Award-winning local product: Everyone needs a calendar, and this locally made calendar showcases the state's wildlife and promotes outdoor recreation. Includes hunting, fishing and snowmobile season dates.

Great profit margin: Your organization makes $4.95 on each calendar! (Calendars are pre-sold for $9.95; you buy them at the club/wholesale price of $5 each.)

No risk to you: No advance payment to Fish and Game is required. Students or club members use the individual sales forms to take orders and collect payment. The coordinator then writse one check to N.H. Fish and Game for the total purchase (minimum purchase of 10 calendars is required), and we ship the calendars to you. You can save the shipping costs by picking the calendars up at the Fish and Game Department in Concord.

Supports a good cause: In addition to benefiting your organization, calendar purchases support the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s work conserving the state’s fish, wildlife and marine resources and promoting conservation education in New Hampshire schools.

It’s easy to get started: Just download and print the forms below, add your organization’s contact and deadline information to the front and back of the individual sales form, make copies for your students or club members to use, and start selling today!

Click on the items below to download your school/club fundraising sales package:

Don’t delay! Fundraiser orders should be placed by December 5. We can take orders after that time, but please allow 3 weeks for delivery or plan to pick your calendars up in Concord.

Got questions? Contact Mark Beauchesne, Advertising and Promotions Coordinator for Fish and Game, at (603) 271-6355 or email mark.beauchesne@wildlife.nh.gov.

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