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Frequently asked questions about New Hampshire's automated system for issuing hunting and fishing licenses

Fish and Game's new Point-of-Sale (POS) automated system for issuing licenses will allow us to operate more efficiently by using technology that has been adopted throughout the country. New Hampshire is one of the few states that was still issuing hand-written paper licenses in 2013. Why is this change so important?

  • Fish and Game will gain timelier access to license sales data, and will save on printing and shipping costs.
  • Consumers will benefit because their license-buying transactions will be faster and more efficient.
  • For agents, administrative reporting will be easier, as reports will be computer-generated.
When does the change go into effect?
When 2014 hunting and fishing licenses become available in mid-December, all Fish and Game license agents will be issuing regular hunting and fishing licenses via the automated system. A handful of agents around the state have begun using the new automated system as part of a pilot project that began in August 2013.
Under the new system, can I still get a hand-written license if I want one?
No. Hand-written licenses will no longer be available after the 2013 license year ends.
Are some licenses already issued through automated systems now?
Yes. Under the new system, licenses will be computer-generated and printed by the agent on regular paper, just as licenses purchased online or at Wal-Mart are already being done. As of the fall of 2013, more than half (53%) of N.H hunting and fishing licenses sold are already being purchased online or through stores using automated systems.
How safe is my data in this system? 
We are committed to safeguarding your personal information. In order to ensure data security, license agents cannot view a customer’s license history or edit customer name or date of birth.
If I've bought a license before, is my information in the new system?
If you have held a previous New Hampshire license since 2000, your information should be in the new system. Once your information is entered, future transactions will often be even faster.  Please note that, for various reasons, some license information may not be found in the system at the time it is searched for.
Will my license cost more under the new system?
Under the new system, a $2 transaction fee will be charged per license form. This fee goes to the vendor for the automated system, Sovereign Sportsman Solutions (S3), to cover the cost of its operation, just as online license buyers pay a transaction fee. Online license purchasers will pay a $3 transaction fee with the purchase of 2014 licenses.
Can I buy through the automated system if this is my first hunting license, or if I hold a license from another state?
Yes. Unlike buying a hunting/archery license online or at Wal-Mart, customers don’t need to have held a previous New Hampshire license since 2000 to purchase a hunting/archery license through the new automated system. Customers are still required to show the appropriate proof from any year, any state.  The agent can enter this data to issue the license. All license requirements still apply regarding residency and hunter certification.
What if I need a duplicate license?
The new system will make it easier to get a replacement license if one is needed. Because the license is printed on regular paper, customers can get a reprint of their current year’s license once at the original issuing license agent or at Fish and Game Headquarters in Concord at no charge.  Please note that only one free reprint is allowed.
Who do I make the check out to for my license purchase?
Payments for licenses are made directly to the license agent. Please note that the customer is responsible for verifying the license information before signing and paying.
What about licenses for those over age 68?
Over-Age-68 licenses will continue to be hand-written by the license agent; they are not issued through the automated system and are not available online or at Wal-Mart.  Please note, in order to qualify for an Over-Age-68 license, applicants must have been a resident of New Hampshire for at least two years.  By law, applicants must have held a valid NH driver’s license or NH non-driver photo ID issued by the N.H. Department of Motor Vehicles for at least two years.  If applicants move out of state, they are not eligible for this license.
Are some licenses still sold only at Fish and Game Headquarters in Concord?
That has not changed. All miscellaneous licenses, such as apprentice hunting, marine and dog training licenses are still issued at Fish and Game Headquarters in Concord.

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