How Boat Access Sites Are Developed

The Fish and Game Department's Statewide Public Access Program uses a variety of sources to identify water bodies needing access, including data from a statewide needs assessment, the Public Water Access Advisory Board, interested citizens and Department staff.

Once a water body is identified, land suitable for an access facility is carefully sought and evaluated. Only then can Fish and Game proceed with plans to buy and develop a site. The Department develops access sites for public use without compromising environmental quality. Regional planning commissions, municipal agencies, river and lake associations, sporting clubs and shorefront property owners are a few of the groups that help guide the Department's access initiatives. State and federal permits must be secured to protect water quality, endangered species, wetlands and other natural resources before a project can proceed. Management plans are made for the operation, inspection, maintenance and enforcement needs of each site to ensure it will be taken care of properly.

The Public Water Access Advisory Board meets monthly - click here for description and meeting schedule

List of boating and fishing access sites in NH

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